How we create a contact center

When a client gets in touch with Facts & IT to create a call center, we start with a kick-off meeting. During the kick off meeting we try to understand the needs of the client: Is it an outbound or inbound call center? How many calls are predicted? What are the important statistics and reports that are needed to understand the success of the contact center? How will the contact center grow? After the kick-off meeting, our team will develop a solution for the call center, which will be presented and fined tuned with our client.

During the implementation phase, we will recruit the right staff for your contact center and train them with you. We will also acquire and set-up all the best equipment for the needs of your contact center.

Before the system goes live, we plan and execute a test for the created infrastructure, where the hired agents are put into real situations. This simulation allows us to identify possible fail points and how to fine tune the contact center.

After the system goes live, from day one, our clients have access to all the reporting tools and can monitor and assess the impact of the call center on the business.

If you have a need for customer call center, get in touch with us. Facts & IT has experience in deploying contact centers of different size – from several hundreds of phone calls per day to millions. We have experience creating call centers worldwide with multilingual support. We always have the needs of the customers, scalability and quality in mind when designing solutions. This why we never use an off-the-shelf solution.

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